Sunday, June 8, 2008

Is It Fair?

As you have no doubt noticed by now, there is a sizeable and growing list of things that piss me off, annoy me and otherwise get under my skin. In the last several years one topic rapidly moving up the list is people harping about their lives not being “fair”. Are they serious about this? Really?

To imply that societies are governed or administered in a fashion that guarantees every citizen an equal share of the wealth or justice is ludicrous. That would be to ignore all of recorded history and flies in the face of the reality of our world.

The rich DO get rich and the poor DO get poorer. That we do not always get what we want has nothing to do with fairness. What you awaken to each morning is all you get. But what you do with it is entirely up to you, positively or negatively, for good or for ill, day in and day out.

The fashionable, facile assumption that we are owed “fairness”, the belief that all the events of our lives are meant to fall neatly into place and leave us content and fulfilled is the epitome of hubris. Life is largely chaos and to accept the hackneyed New Age mantra that “everything happens for a reason” is to ignore the element of disorder and to accept that every event is predetermined.

This leaves no room for desire or free will. Personally, I steadfastly refuse to surrender to that principle or to accept the fashionable view that we all are merely some kind of metaphysical marionettes.

To complain that your situation is “unfair” is childish. You are where you are and that’s all there is to it. It has nothing to do with diet, predestination, karma, astrology, eye color, shoe size, penis size, breast size, or whether your parents took you to Disney World or fed you too much cheese. And it most certainly has nothing to do with whether you are getting a “fair” deal or not.

I am convinced that you will vastly improve the quality of your life by simply removing the word “fair” from your vocabulary and replacing it with “convenient”.

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