Wednesday, June 4, 2008

When Persistence Becomes Truculence

The Poop;
As of this writing Barack Obama has secured the delegates necessary to clinch the Democratic nomination. Mathematics do not lie. Hillary Clinton has yet to conjure up the decency to bow out. Watching Senator Clinton these last several weeks has been like watching a 9 year-old junkie; hopelessly addicted, unwilling to listen to (or exercise) reason, holding her breath and stomping her feet until she gets what she wants.

It's been unseemly, counter-productive and creepy. It's long past time for her to stop acting like a petulant child, admit defeat and go back to the Senate where she might accidentally do some good for our country. Game over. Nobody was interested in another 4-year dose of Bill again, anyway.

The Pony;
Obama and Clinton have shattered the "Glass Ceiling" once and for all. Good news for my three nieces in Georgia and children of color across this country.

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